Scille: blue hyacinth

Scille: blue hyacinth

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Like hyacinths and camassias, scilles are among the easiest bulb flowers to grow.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Scilla
Family : Hyacinthaceae
Type: Spring bulb

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : April to June

Offering a beautiful bloom in spring, the scilla adorns the garden or the terrace with pretty white or blue inflorescences.

Planting scilla

Most of scilli bloom in spring, offering beautiful scented bells from the first fine days.

Group the bulbs into spots, hugging the flowers enough rather than scattering them all over the garden.

Scilles in the ground for a flowering in spring:

  • Preferably plant your scilli bulbs in autumn at a depth of 10 cm, for a flowering in spring.
  • The scilles will be much more beautiful if you create beautiful spots of color.
    It is necessary for that plant the bulbs in groups in them 5 cm spacing.
    The more there is, the more remarkable the effect!
  • The scille prefers the sun but is afraid of too hot situations, so choose partial shade
  • Find our advice for plant bulbs in the ground
  • Here are also tips for plant bulbs in clayey, flooded soil

Care of the scilles

The scilles that are planted in the ground in the fall bloom in spring, which is the normal flowering time for most scilli.

  • Cut the flower stems when they are wilted without touching the foliage.
  • At the end of flowering, it is necessary to cut the foliage when it has well yellowed and only then because that is when the plant builds up its reserves for the next flowering.

To know about the scille

There are many kinds of scilla, thus offering different flowers and flowering times.

The most common is the Scilla campanulata, it is also the one with the widest color palette, ranging from white to blue to pink.

Among the most common are two-leaf scilla which blooms in spring and who particularly likes the freshness of the undergrowth

The spring scilla, or Tractema verna is a species found mainly on the Atlantic coast or in the Pyrenees at low altitude. The Tractema lilio-hyacinthus is also found in the Pyrenees, also called Scille lis-hyacinthe for its resemblance to the fleur-de-lis.

Finally, the giant scilla more often called Peruvian scille, blooms from spring until early summer. There is nothing Peruvian about this flower but only takes its name from the name of the boat that brought it back for the first time from the Mediterranean. Its inflorescences can reach 40 cm in diameter, or even more.

From Scilli blooming in the fall, we have the scille prospero autumnale.

Smart tip

The scilla blooms year after year without needing to be touched. Vary the sunshine situation to spread the flowering as long as possible.

Our advice: forget about them and enjoy their beautiful flowering every year.

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