Happy January to May

Happy January to May

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Each season brings its charm to the garden. But after a cold fall and harsh winter, you can't wait to see your garden take on pretty blooms again.

Simply because they bring a smile to your lips. And maybe, too, because they announce the spring which means full of flowers and shoots in the garden.

Did you know that the bulbs that bloom in the spring can brighten up your garden from January to May? Another variety blooms every month for your viewing pleasure.

Face the month of January

Thehellebore winter (Eranthis) and the snowdrops (Galanthus) are the first to face the cold of January.

Even if there is snow, the little flowers forcefully force their way through and bloom.

The subtle white snowdrops are, along with the fresh hellebores, the messengers of spring.

The days get longer with February

In February, it looks like most spring bulbs are starting to show up. In this month indeed, a great number of varieties find it time to come out of the ground.

The crocus (Crocus), iris dwarfs (Iris reticulata) and spring bells (Leucojum vernum) add color to the garden, along with puschkinia (Puschkinia) and Gloire des neiges (Chionodoxa).

A boost of colors in March

In March, there is an explosion of colors in the garden. Colorful bulbs like anemones (Anemone), cyclamen (Cyclaam), the grape hyacinth blue (Muscari), daffodilsdaffodils (Narcissus), the ornithogales (Ornithogalum nutans) and scilles (Scilla siberica) bloom for your viewing pleasure.

This month, blue grape hyacinths will perfume the whole garden. And this scent has an irresistible power of attraction on the bees.

Tulips are popular in April

In April, you can enjoy the most popular bulb around: the tulip (Tulipa).

They appear everywhere and in all shapes and colors. The tulip has a lot of fun in April with the hyacinths (Hyacinthus), ipheions (Ipheion) and summer bells (Leucojum aestivum).

In the meantime, the perennials are also starting to grow, a real treat!

May has not said its last word

Summer is already upon us, but the last spring bulbs still have their say in the garden.

Ornamental onions, ornamental garlic, (Allium), the bluebells (Hyacinthoides), the Lily of the valley (Convallaria), the ixias and the buttercups (Ranunculus) close the colorful ballet of spring

Planting bulbs in 4 steps

  • Rake the earth to loosen it.
  • Make a hole about three times the size of the bulb / tuber deep.
  • Place the bulbs in the ground with the tip up and the roots down.
  • Cover the bulbs with soil.


You can also make a larger hole, such as a "bed," to plant more bulbs together.
The best time to plant the bulbs is from September to December, before the first frosts.

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