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Almond tree: a fruit tree full of interests

Almond tree: a fruit tree full of interests

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The almond tree is a beautiful fruit tree, well known for its spectacular pinkish-white bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus amygdalus, dulcis
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree fruit tree

: 6 to 9 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : Spring - Harvest : End of summer

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The maintenance and pruning of the almond tree contribute to the quality of the almond harvest.

How to plant an almond tree

It is recommended to plant your almond tree in autumn to promote rooting before winter, because this tree grows very early.

If you have to plant in winter, spring or summer, avoid periods of frost or hot weather to plant and water regularly in summer.

  • Provide regular watering from planting and during the first 2 years following.
  • Even self-fertile, the almond tree will be very productive if it is in the presence of another pollinating variety
  • Follow our planting tips

If the almond tree is not afraid of the cold, it is the flowering that risks being aborted in case of late frosts.

  • The flowers are very sensitive to the cold, it is really recommended to find a location very sheltered from the winter winds.

Properly prune an almond tree

The pruning of your almond tree is practiced quite early, from the end of summer and at early fall.

The almond tree slowly enters a period of vegetative rest and this period thus allows foravoid too strong a flow of sap which often leads to gummosis.

So no need to cut your almond tree too frankly.

  • a simple clarification inside the tree to promote sunlight is sufficient.
  • You will also remove dead, fragile or intersecting branches.

To know about the almond tree

Of easy culture and low maintenance, the almond tree also has the advantage of offering a very beautiful bloom at the end of winter and a generous fruit set from July.

  • The flowers of the almond tree appear before the leaves
  • It is the first fruit tree to bloom at the end of winter
  • The almond tree is considered one of the symbols of virginity

Often planted in isolation, its small size also allows it to be installed in small groups of 3 or 4.

The fruits are about 4-5 cm in size and are eaten either green in summer, or dry in fall.

Symbols of love and virginity, the almond tree is adorned with a white dress in spring, even before the leaves appear. This white dress looks like a bride's on her wedding day.

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Harvesting almonds

Harvesting takes place at 2 different times of the year, depending on whether you want them fresh or dry.

The almonds of the almond tree are therefore harvested at the end of spring, around may June if you want them fresh (in green) and often around the month of September, at the end of summer if you want them dry.

  • To harvest the almonds wait until the shell (part around the shell) is open and dry.

Be careful because theBitter Almond (wild almond fruit) contains hydrocyanic acid which is toxic to humans and can even be fatal in some doses.

Health benefits of almonds

Almond is rich in oil, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

We use theAlmond for its health benefits.

It also has cosmetic, softening and moisturizing properties in case of skin inflammation (healing and anti-inflammatory in cosmetology).

Almond softens and tones the skin which gives it a valued use in dermatology.

Finally, the buds of the almond tree are used in gemmotherapy, as they are said to have an anti-sclerosis property in the elderly.

Almond also has its effect on animals, since veterinarians use it for its laxative properties for cattle.

Smart tip

After harvesting, separate the almonds from their husks (the husk) and dry them in the sun on grids that allow good ventilation.

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