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Irresistible, syringe

Irresistible, syringe

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Here is one of the most enchanting and fragrant shrubs in the garden. Very accommodating, it looks great everywhere and gives a romantic allure to the garden with its cascades of white flakes and scents of orange blossom.

Very easy-going shrubs, Syringa or Philadelphus give excellent results in all gardens and in all regions.

They adapt to all types of soil, although the result is best in humus soil.

The sun (not scorching) guarantees optimal flowering and very pretty golden hues of the foliage in autumn.

But partial shade and even a permanent light shade are well tolerated.

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Planting and pruning syringe

The dormant period (October to February) is ideal for planting them. This gives them time to settle down comfortably and bloom from the first year. If you buy a subject in a container, wait until the flowering has finished before putting it in the ground.

Let the plant settle down for three years before pruning for the first time. This pruning will be done after flowering. Shorten the branches that have bloomed well, this will stimulate the next flowering and keep the shrub compact. The syringe gives off young stems from the stump. They should be favored by eliminating the old branches that hinder their development.

No need to process, syringes are rarely sick. On the other hand, add a fertilizer rich in magnesia and potash after flowering to stimulate the formation of new flower buds before fall.

Seringat, a good companion

In a small garden, plant your syringe near the house to get the most of its scent. Accompany it with a clematis flowering late to prolong its appeal. If it is its scent that interests you first, prefer varieties with single flowers, they are more fragrant than those with double flowers. For a romantic garden, combine it with old roses, foxgloves, delphiniums. With some bamboo and hostas, it will take on a more modern tone. In flowering hedge, it can be associated with purple hazel.

Finally, for balconies, prefer small cultivars. Plant them in a tray 30 to 40 cm deep, in a mixture of equal parts of potting soil for roses and not too heavy garden soil.

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