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The viburnum balm without worrying about the frost

The viburnum balm without worrying about the frost

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The winter species of viburnum bloom from November to March. Flowering does not appear

only on subjects aged at least 4 to 6 years. It gives off a very surprising fragrance, with floral, spicy, honeyed and vanilla nuances.

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Winter viburnum

Install the winter viburnums preferably north so that the flowering shoots do not get the early morning sun that could burst the buds after a frosty night. Preferably plant deciduous species during the vegetative rest period (October to March), preferably choosing plants that are not too small (60 to 80 cm high). Planting distance: about 2 m for all species.

In general, viburnums are characterized by their adaptability in all types of soil, especially heavy. However, a generous supply of well-decomposed organic matter at the time of planting will be greatly appreciated.

Growth is quite slow, count 10 to 15 cm per year. Winter viburnums are 1.50 to 2 m tall and wide at 10 years old. Preferably choose plants presented in containers, which have their entire root system. The stress of the plantation will be much less marked.

Good care of viburnum

Let the shrubs develop for 4 to 5 years after planting, without intervening. Then, prune them adult winter viburnums after flowering, reducing the flowering branches by 2/3 of their length and balancing the entire branch. This intervention prevents the plant from losing its base and promotes the formation of future flowers. It is also important to remove dead wood in late summer and to ensure that the center of the shrub is cleared in the spring. In subjects that are too bushy, you can remove at ground level each year in April, a third of the branches that have flowered.

The scented viburnums are very beautiful in beds. These shrubs are particularly suitable for natural style gardens or for decorations in light undergrowth. But to take full advantage of their wonderful scent, plant them near the house, near the busiest paths and sheltered from cold and drying (easterly) winds. A mulch of well-rotted manure or compost is recommended each year in the spring. During very hot summers, remember to water generously at the end of the day.

Plant at the foot of your viburnum a clematis with large flowers, or sweet Pea. This combination makes it possible to decorate the shrub nicely, without harming its growth in the least.

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