Mulcher and composter: make the right choice

Mulcher and composter: make the right choice

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To transform your green waste into mulch and compost, these two objects are very useful.


A crusher reduces the volume of pruning waste from your hedges, trees and shrubs by 6 to 12 times. The ground material obtained can thus be recycled into compost or in mulching.

As with mowers, there are two kinds of mulchers: electric or thermal engine. The former are the least noisy, recommended for gardens of less than 2000 m2. Chosen sufficiently powerful (2000 W minimum), they can chop branches up to 35 mm in diameter depending on the model. Thermal mulchers allow larger branches to be mulched faster. But they are very noisy and therefore reserved for large gardens and heavy work.

In any case, the shredder having a relatively occasional use in the garden, do not hesitate to rent it, in particular by consulting sites specializing in rental between individuals such as Ilokyou.


If your garden is large, you won't have a problem putting compost in it in a heap, in a silo in wire mesh or in planks, in a somewhat hidden corner. If it's small, a composter can reduce clutter and visual "inconvenience." There are wooden or plastic in different sizes, to choose according to the amount of your organic waste and the size of your garden (count one liter per m2 of surface).

To function properly, a composter must be bottomless (the contents must be in contact with the soil), equipped with vents, drainage, a cover and a trap to collect the ripe compost. Care should be taken to mix it well and monitor its humidity in times of drought.

More expensive, the rotary drum composter makes it possible to obtain compost faster than a traditional composter - in 2 to 6 weeks - thanks to its rotation system. Each day, with a few turns of the crank, the compost is aerated, the heat distributed and the work of bacteria accelerated.

If you live in an apartment and want to recycle your waste to feed your green plants and planters, this is a vermicompost bin for you. In a box made up of several sieves, worms are busy turning kitchen waste and cardboard into soil.

Whatever your choice, be aware that some municipalities offer assistance with the purchase of a composter, check with your town hall.

Laure Hamann

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